Rocklogic Updated Controller

Controls & Automation

Transmin RocklogicTM - Intelligent Control Systems

From the Control & Automation division of Transmin comes the Rocklogic™ range of intelligent control systems for fixed boom assemblies.

Our comprehensive suite of products is ideal for any environment with tight time constraints or a risk of dangerous and costly collisions. No matter how sophisticated your application, we've got a solution that will suit your needs and increase efficiency at your crushing operation.

Our established team combines broad experience with specialist insight to provide the expertise necessary for any automation project. If none of our current products meets your needs, we can discuss custom solutions.


  • Innovation Excellence Award - WA Industry & Export Awards 2012
  • C.Y.O'Connor Award for Excellence in Engineering & Technology - WA Industry & Export Awards 2012
  • Industry Award - National iAwards 2012
  • Innovation Award - 21st WAiTTA Awards 2011-2012

Collision Avoidance

Collision avoidance forms a virtual 'safety net' that operates during both manual and automatic movements. The locations of all static obstacles in the scene are stored by the system, and when an imminent collision is detected the movement speed is smoothly reduced to avoid the collision.

Automated Movements

Commonly used machine movements may be awkward or hazardous to execute manually. Our system can rapidly execute pre-programmed automated movements or parking at the
touch of a button.

Plant Integration

Boom assemblies rarely operate in isolation. Our system can be integrated with your existing plant, allowing you to trigger pre-programmed movements (e.g. park / deploy) and allowing your plant to detect whether the boom assembly is safely parked or is deployed in a work area that may be shared by other important
plant operations.


Join the movement towards remote operation for heavy machinery.  Our system lets you control the boom remotely from a teleoperations centre via your company network, all around
the country.


Along with teleoperation comes another advantage, multi-operation. A single operator can oversee multiple machines in different locations, switching between them as needed, from a single workstation in a teleoperations centre.