Transmin Low Profile Feeder

Low Profile Feeder (LPF)
Materials Feeding SystemTM


A Revolution in Feeder Technology

The Transmin LPF Materials Feeding System® utilises components, which have been proven in the most arduous applications, into an innovative feeder design. Transmin’s Low Profile FeederTM (LPF) is an original hybrid feeder delivering the advantages of both belt and apron feeders plus additional unique benefits over conventional feeder technology.

The Low Profile FeederTM has the unique ability to change direction using a bend transition. A change of direction from horizontal to inclined can be achieved without the requirement of a second machine; therefore creating improved space utilisation, flexibility of plant layout, eliminating transition points between conveyors, and reducing capital expenditure.

The LPF is available in a range of standard belt widths from 1.2m to 4.0m. Machine capacities vary according to application, although rates of 6,000tph and above are readily available. 


Positively Driven

Belt slippage or mis-tracking is elminiated as the chain is positively driven by
toothed sprockets.

Standardised Components

Industry standard components such as 'D Type' track chain, sprocket teeth, carry rollers and belting means the technology is readily accepted by operators and maintenance personnel.

Low Profile Design

The extremely low profile of the LPF means it occupies the smallest possible space in a plant layout, saving substantial civil and steel work costs.

Less Spillage

Spillage is managed more effectively than conventional belt or apron feeders due to the combined use of flexible belt walls and sealing systems. A separate spillage conveyor is not required.

Modular Belt Design

The belting does not have to be continuous and can be supplied in easily replaceable modular sections, joined by a specially designed mechanical joiner.